About Art

Like many people I had problems in school because i couldn’t paint, But because I was really interested in painting, I started to read all the stories about the famous painters and enjoyed creativity from that angle.

After my husband died something changed in my life. Besides cooking, which I did all my life, I started doing meditation, dancing and bodywork. One morning I was leading a meditation and one of my friends invited me for her session. It turned out to be a creative class and at first i didn’t want to go. I actually only went because I wanted to support her in what she was doing just like she was supporting me with my meditation class. She opened me up to my creativity by letting me put my hand on the paper.She asked me to look inside and express whatever I found. Luckily, there was music and dancing, two ingredients I always liked.

I did my first heart, full of colours and I really enjoyed it. (And now it comes to me that I asked my first master ‘do you think i can paint?’ and he said: ‘yes, possible, but only if you do it on 100%’. I didn’t believe him at the time. But eight years after I met him, i started painting.) After the session she put all the pictures on the wall in the kitchen for everybody to see and I remember my first feeling seeing my heart. It was shining very strong and everybody liked it!

I started painting different hearts with flowers, dolphins and after half a year came my first goddess, which was Mother Earth sitting inside the heart. She was so soft and so beautiful! Again, everybody liked this first goddess. From that moment I wanted to do more goddesses and angels. Some mermaids came too. I started to concentrate more on just the faces because I love painting the eyes. But the first connection is always in heart. I don’t know what i’m doing really, most of all i just use my intuition and every time I’m so surprised and humbled by what appears!

What I really enjoy now is to paint pictures on order.  I often got the feedback that when someone feels lonely or down, they look at my picture and feel healing. That’s why I love to paint the goddess you like or tune in to your energy and paint what I feel and paint your inner god/goddess. So you will always be reminded you are a divine being!