Passion for cooking

As a little girl, I was helping my mum with small things in the kitchen. She loved listening to the radio ….
and while we were dancing and singing she introduced me to food and cooking. She usually prepared some food for Saturday that we needed to warm up while she was working the weekends as a nurse in the hospital. Sundays we then mostly went out to a restaurant. At first, I would do the warming up of the food on Saturday, but soon enough I started to cook for real. Growing up in communist Czech with a father that was a politician against the regime, I couldn’t enter any intellectual school. But my father told me: ‘you’re a better cook than your mother’ and he send me straight to cooking school. He enjoyed my food so much!

At that time in Czech, nothing worked without connections and I was really lucky one of my mothers patients was the director of the famous hotel in Prague. He helped me to get into cooking school. I worked 3 years in this hotel, got my degree and moved on to other hotels to learn from many different chefs and everything about the hotel business, including waitressing.

I love cooking! Usually people come to me and ask me about recipes but they’re hard to share because I don’t use them much. I prefer to just work with what’s available, I look at the colors of the food and feel what’s good in the moment.

I don’t look back, I’m totally intuitive. I like to look at the pictures in cooking books for inspiration but I don’t quite follow the recipes in there. It’s all about how you’re feeling, what energy you put into your cooking and what you want to do for the other. I know this works. When you really want to do something nice for your friends or family, get inspired by a recipe, go out and buy the best you can get and touch everything you touch with love and care.

Before you start cooking, put some nice music, make your kitchen beautiful, think positive and keep in your heart what you want to do for the people you cook for. And your food will be great! If you know Reiki, use Reiki or any other blessing. I have pictures of my master in the kitchen and every time I look into his eyes, i’m so touched. That goes into the food as well.

When you don’t like cooking it’s better to go to a restaurant. This is true too when you’re angry!