Tara and the healing arts

Tara’s sensitivity and awareness

I practice energy work and usually connect with people through energy and i feel the connection with their higher beings. My healing touch was opened by my first master who was a very strong healer from Russia. I met him when my husband died and something very strong shifted in me. I remember he told me: ‘you can do anything you want, only you need to do it 100% and all your wishes come through. But only if you do it 100%’.

After his work, i started being really interested in healing, first i did Reiki and it worked for me. I decided to go to India and did a training in multi-dimensional esoteric bodywork that works with chakra’s. Remembering the 100%, I kept going and trained in energy reading, reading chakra’s, hara massage, ayurvedic massage and shamanic connection. When i came back to Czech, I started Shiatsu, sport massage, cranio sacral therapy, reflexology, visceral osteopathie (which works with the inner organs) and Bowen therapie.

I got to know the body through anatomy and physiology and learned the accupressure points and meridians. After discovering all those different techniques I realized I wanted to stay with my first love, which is energy work. I stepped out from the physical massage again and followed my own direction.  From 2006, I started doing only cranio sacral therapie combined with different energy work.

I love the connection with people through the energy and I love what comes through me. From my experience, the energy work is touching the spiritual, physical and emotional body. In old Egypt people were healed by a doctor, psychologist and a priest together. I feel this is the right way, we need to heal everything together!